Aluminium tank for MERCEDES BENZ 540X620


1. Aluminum Type AlMg 5754H22.
2. Thickness 2,5mm.
3. Oil filler neck 105mm.
4. Flotter Reel.
5. Oil Evacuation Plug 1/2 “.
6. Dimensions: Height 540mm, Width 620mm.


Available dimensions:


Our company manufactures aluminum tanks using high quality materials (AIMg 5754H22, galvanized tank mountings, INOX belts) to have very high corrosion resistance and reduced weight.
We manufacture various types of tanks to fit perfectly with each type of truck (eg tractors, towed, earth moving machinery, etc.) as well as any brand of cars such as SCANIA, DAF, IVECO, RENAULT, MAN, MERCEDES BENZ, VOLVO .a.
We have the ability to manufacture mixed oil tankers – oil-over-oil or Ad-blue oil.
Also, we can make marine fuel tanks and buses in any size on request.


1. Reduced weight up to 50%
2. A wide variety of dimensions to fit perfectly into every type of car
3. A wide variety of mounting bases to make it easy and secure to mount them. The support brackets are galvanized to withstand corrosion as well as INOX belts.
4. High corrosion resistance due to the aluminum type (5754 H22).
5. The materials we use are recyclable.
6. Competitive prices.

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