Aluminum Fuel Tank for SCANIA 124 – 144 – 164


Product Advantages:

  1. Lighter tanks up to 50%
  2. High corrosion resistance due to the aluminum type (5754 H22).
  3. A wide variety of tank dimensions to fit perfectly into every type of vehicle
  4. Electrostatic painted brackets for high corrosion resistance.
  5. INOX, galvanized, or electrostatic painted belts for high corrosion resistance as well.
  6. A wide variety of brackets for ease installation on the structure system.
  7. Fuel cap of ½ inch.
  8. Recyclable materials.
  9. Competitive prices.


  1. Aluminum Type: AlMg 5754H22 .
  2. Foil thickness: 2.5mm.
  3. Fuel Evacuation valve: 1/2 inch.
  4. High quality product standards
  5. Extreme product know how
  6. Material recyclability
  7. Systematic production and high tech engineering
  8. Modern production equipment
  9. Professional personnel with commitment to quality
  10. Strong mentality on customer’s satisfaction
  11. After sales service and support

Available dimensions:

The fuel tank with dimensions550mmHeight x 700mmWidth is mounted onthe Scania mountings whilethe inox straps and the levelsensor are replaced.


Our company manufactures aluminum tanks using high quality materials (AIMg 5754H22, inox, galvanized or elecrtostatic painted brackets or belts) to achieve very high corrosion resistance and reduced weight.
We manufacture various types of tanks to fit perfectly with any type of vehicle (eg tractors, trucks, dump trucks, buses, excavators, farming machines etc.) as well as to many makes, like SCANIA, DAF, IVECO, RENAULT, MAN, MERCEDES BENZ, VOLVO etc
We have the ability to manufacture mixed oil tanks – oil-over-oil or Ad-blue oil.
Also, we can make fuel tanks for boats and buses in any size on request.

<strong>Why buy an aluminum fuel tank.</strong>

The corrosion issue is critical on both the inside and outside surfaces of fuel tanks.
The outside surfaces and supporting structure are exposed to road chemicals, salt, mud, and stones.
The inside surfaces of all fuel tanks are exposed to the corrosive agents of different types of fuels.
The most important reason to choose an aluminum fuel tank over steel is that aluminum is less susceptible to corrosion, in both inside and outside surfaces.
Be sure that by installing an aluminum fuel tank, it will probably be the last one you will ever need.
Another huge benefit of aluminum fuel tanks is that they are significantly lighter.
For all road trucks, heavy duty vehicles and light duty vehicles the weight reduction is a critical factor for fuel consumption and better profitability.
Over the years of dealing with aluminum foils, our factory has succeeded to produce extreme quality aluminum fuel tank with a cost which is not more than steel, while its lighter weight offers less consumption and a much higher total value and better vehicle image.

The fuel tank is mounted on the Scania mountings while the inox straps and the level sensor are replaced.


12 Reasons why you should choose Michos-tanks as your aluminum tank supplier

  1. Quality
    Quality materials produce quality products.
    We use aluminum AlMg 5754H22
  2. Corrosion Resistance
    Maybe the strongest property of aluminum foils, less susceptible to corrosion.
  3. Less Weight
    Another huge property of aluminum fuel tanks, it’s by far LIGHTER than metal.
  4. No Leakage
    Our priority is to produce fuel, hydraulic or mixed aluminum tanks without leaking a single drop.
  5. Expertise
    Through our unique technical expertise and personal commitment we deliver you tailor-made solutions same as the original ones.
  6. Manufacturing Performance & Weldability
    Sophisticated equipment and excellent personnel guarantee a best in class result for your aluminum fuel/hydraulic tank
  7. Safety
    We care for all our client’s safety. All our product are tested while our company is certified by TUV.


8. Accurate Fit
We hold technical knowhow and many years of experience
working with tractors, busses and agricultural machines.
Knowing all different specs is part of our daily
9. Custom formability & shape flexibility
We have been testing and using aluminum foils for
more than 3 decades. We know its reaction to
10. Reasonable Prices
By adopting economies of scale we have succeeded to
bring the cost of our aluminum tanks down to the
same level with the metal ones.
11. Reliability
Our way of doing business is to accomplish all our
promises. Everything we start we finish it and
deliver it.
12. On Time Delivery
We know what down time, means. We will never
disappoint you.


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